Nightcore mixers seem to *really* like Satsuriku no Tenshi art.

Currently watching Bob Ross on Twitch to recuperate with unbridled positivity

Just lost two hours to an unclosed comment and the way CodePen separates out the parts of the page source.


I'm inordinately excited over the new Japanese Imperial era name

TIL that at least one artist, when Legend of Zelda was released in 1986, apparently looked at the title and drew Link as a girl for a magazine article.

On the other hand, I ran a game for two years and it worked out okay, and that's a lot of work for probably not much gain.

Worked again on Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom. Tempted to move the system a bit away from its Exalted base, maybe by redoing the Attributes and Abilities.

I appreciate what Yamamoto Tsunetomo was trying to do, but I can't help but read him as the Edo version of those assholes who go after anyone who insults Elon Musk on Twitter.

Getting really into "roast a giant tray of vegetables, have vegetables for the whole week" as a thing to do.

Though this also encompasses fanart, fan games, etc.

Incidentally, the Japanese for fanfic is 二次創作物 (nijisōsakubutsu), "Secondary creative work"

Posting this my blog post here because I have an actual fanfic writing idea for once in my life:

Oh man, Yamamoto Tsunetomo has some spicy hot takes in here.

Like that the 47 rо̄nin should have just committed seppuku immediately after Lord Asano died, because by waiting two years for their plan, they risked Lord Kira dying of a fever or falling off a horse or something and their whole plan coming to nothing.

Also I started reading the Hagakure, so time for some samurai bullshit

Bad day for lots of reasons, but at least the meeting with the boss’s boss went well.

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