The more I learn about CSS, the more astonished I am that anything on any webpage is ever in the right place.

Bumble in Japanese describes a match as a "connection" (つながり), which makes it sound more romantic somehow.

"f you ever want to sort out the Apocalypse, just hijack a heavy tank from M20 and drive it into Malfeas. It should be able to take out the Wyrm with very little trouble. If Lucifer had one of these back at the dawn of time he could have defeated Michael and all the other angels, no sweat."
-Exalted vs. World of Darkness Companion

We do not play these games for the rules.

There has to be a better way to do this than nesting grids.

“Sylvanas D’arkness Dementia Raven Windrunner”

Holy shit.

I spent the day playing Dragon Age: Origins, which did lock me out of doing other things, but was pretty fun.

Not doing anything, but don't want to start something because it locks me out of other things I could otherwise be doing--a me story

Or keep Arathi as the ancient language of the pre-Seven Kingdoms empire, so it'd be like real-world history where academics all talked to each other in Latin.

Also, I still don't like how Azeroth became the name of the planet instead of a country. Sigh.

I just love the image of, like, an Alteraci and a Stormwindian using Goblin to communicate because neither speaks the other's language and otherwise it's like trying to communicate when one person speaks French and the other speaks Italian.

...what if the goblin language was "Common" because they're the most widely-traveled, so merchants all learned it to talk to each other?

Except I learned that the Seven Kingdoms split apart a lot earlier than I thought, so now I'm tempted to have seven human languages.

Language rules--my personal hangup

Weird dice pool Warcraft RPG is coming along.

I have to write like 400 powers/spells still, but this is a task I took on myself.

Either play Analogue: A Hate Story or Azure Striker Gunvolt next.

Have post-beat-a-videogame blues, exacerbated by how Darkest Dungeon took 70 hours. Maybe I'll just watch anime all day?

People keep sending me updates on Ariana Grande's tattoo. It's like I know Japanese or something.

I mean, apparently "Ballog A'l Enthu / Korok Na Boda..." means "last in retreat / Even in death..." so...what's "in" there? Is it inflected for case? Is the word in the middle the inflection? I have no idea.

Trying to derive grammar or vocab from the lyrics is probably futile, though. I'm five nines sure it was written to sound cool, and in that, they succeeded.

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