I just used the tag "like the wind our sins sweep us away" on Tumblr and really that's a I think

Currently watching Muppet Christmas Carol, which I think is the part of Christmas that is most ecumenical.

No, I will never allow you to send me notifications.

No, I don't care enough about this to click "never ask."

Therapist confirms I’m being flirted with, which, I was aware of that, but it’s nice to have a second opinion

I've downloaded like 40 nightcore songs in the past two weeks. Living my life at 15% increased tempo.

Went to three parties in two days and I'm going out again today, me from last year is staring at the future with a vacant stare of horror but you know what, I'm having a good time.

Made the sufganiyot dough and it seems extra sticky? Not sure these will work out...

Well, the latkes work

Curry cooling so my 猫舌 self can eat it, and then I'm going to a horror-themed radio theatre show.

@carly I keep forgetting about this, but someone made a ringtone version of the SKRS duel summoning tone if you want it: dropbox.com/s/0y7nhzzyrzevfge/

Tried to nightcore Laibach's B Mashina.

It was a mistake. What have I done?

Save me from fucking "best girl" obsession when reading anime discussions. (ᇂ∀ᇂ╬)

90 hours into Breath of the Wild and I've finally almost explored the whole map!

I made yakisoba with leftover Thanksgiving turkey and I really feel I've reached my culinary apotheosis.

Assembly-line cleanup once again works wonders.


“The one who pulls
And the one who is pulled
Both will fade away
This life, it is said
Is but the hesitation
Of a boat on a river.”

(Translation mine)

But serious, the Paragon Festival at Otherworld was good. And so is Safe House at City Lit. You can still go to the latter, but the former ends tonight.

And by good life choice, I mean factor completely outside my control. Haha, it's all luck, we cannot escape our doom.

People ask how to make friends and I've always found being adopted by an extrovert who drags me out to parties and bars and theatre perforamnces is a good life choice.

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