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@TheRaDR@twitter.com God, as it happens, is not a vending machine where you put prayers in to get goodies out.

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On this day and all days I am thinking of how absolutely wrong almost all popular culture is on the topics of: swordsmanship, martial arts generally, martial arts outside of Asia, and just generally how war worked before the concept of nationalism arose. 1/?

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Our five-year store anniversary is almost here! To celebrate, we're giving away SEVEN made-to-measure chest binders - three in custom prints!
Winners will be chosen on , March 31st!
Enter here: ow.ly/8T5n50ntjZk

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Special Free Manga Giveaway🙂🙂I'm very, very happy to offer you Nagata Kabi's COMPLETE english manga works (My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness & My Solo Exchange Diary vol 1&2) in collaboration with Seven Seas! To participate retweet this & follow @gomanga@twitter.com & me😀Details below

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It's spring in Chicago. Consider keeping a paper bag with you at all times in case you run into an injured bird friend. Place the bird in the bag then call Chicago Bird Collision Monitors: 773 988 1867

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are u a trans girl in ohio?
do u want free clothes??????
hit me up in these sweet dms and i will see what i can do about giving u my fucking wardrobe

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Reminder that we're still (and will forever be!) accepting applications for our creator spotlight from marginalised TTRPG designers!


We're only using a form, to ensure it's a completely opt in experience. If you'd like a hand writing a Bio that looks pro

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ok so i finally started listening to the Mabel podcast and good content so far, i see why people keep recommending it to me

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This happens way too often...
Usually I'm so tired by Friday night, that I end up sleeping through most of my weekends.

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Has anyone ever experimented with using one of those family organizer apps for polycule organization

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Myspace lost over 10 years worth of everyone's uploaded music.
Don't put your work into lobster traps, people.
Or if you must, keep redundant local backups. twitter.com/textfiles/status/1

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Like journaling games? Want to see more play-by-post designs? Come on by the Inkwell, a brand new Discord community with a focus on discussing, designing, and playing analog text games. I can't wait to see what we come up with together!


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