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gonna make a sad one player mech game called "here in your arms" and it's about driving your lover's gundam

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@BabblegumSam@twitter.com @SwordsnFlowers@twitter.com Lmao i did it: Monsters & Christmas is a [Laser and Feelings/Honest Heist Reskin] [Christmas Romance] about [Monsters & Mental Health Metaphors] which uses [Drawing Pictures] as its primary mechanic.

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This win was the work of Black women who have been speaking up and out about R. Kelly for decades. Thanks to all the survivors, storytellers, activist, and organizers who made it possible. It's not the end but it's a win. variety.com/2019/biz/news/r-ke

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ohhh the gfriend lead single from the new album is real good

2009 vs 2019. I was really into earth tones for a long time? And for had been told I wouldn’t look good with bangs.

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my first contribution to the castlevania fandom is dracula getting alucard a club penguin membership. thank you

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Hey folks! My friend LB Lee is selling the last of their books documenting a Tumblr Cult leader!

It's a fascinating read, but is also cursed, as the cult is harassing them & trying to get them kicked out of conventions over it.

Do LB a favor & buy one!!

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the chorus starts with “WELL IF YOU DON’T LIKE GIRLS” and I was very disappointed

I used to be v into this kind of song but in retrospect it feels kind of a heteronormative mood, I guess

tfw you’re hoping a song’s going to be about lesbian pining but it’s actually about being a Strong™ (hetero) Woman

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What are some NEW queer/identity ttrpg/larp games you've played/made recently?! I'm on the hunt for hidden gems. Bonus for nonbinary, femme, or lady focus/themes.

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you know what's more important than what anyone did or looked like 10 years ago. 2009 is the year Homestuck started. Homestuck and is now nearly 10 years old

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