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In not very much time at all I'll be releasing my score for @ThatSaltyGinger@twitter.com's Lady Blackbird game 'Into The Wild Blue Yonder' over at Bandcamp (and, eventually, on Spotify). Watch this space.

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This entire thread is worth a read, but this point in particular hit me really hard

I've only worn a cheongsam (qipao) twice, and even just those times I had to contend with my own personal feelings surrounding heritage and "authenticity" in identity as a Chinese-Canadian twitter.com/lan_zhan_/status/1

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it's 1 am and i need to be sleeping but i wanted to draw @Anguiculus@twitter.com's owl lady really fast

a whole aesthetic

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is a roleplaying game that let's you live out such fantasies as:
- Having money
- Making close friends as an adult
- Traveling the world without crippling debt
- Being able to change the world
- Getting better at something with practice
- Getting 8 hours of sleep each night

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ICYMI: my thesis is now available for the public to be read, printed, shared, or whatever else! twitter.com/kiennas/status/111

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Bird Friends, it’s book pre-order day.

Healthy pre-orders convince stores to carry a book. So if you haven’t already, hit up hyperurl.co/EffinBirds to find a place to order your copy.

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“Why are you so concerned about the trans military ban if you don’t like the military?”

This is why twitter.com/transequality/stat

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You Are A Wizard is 50% off for ONE MORE DAY!!

Do spells!
Solve riddles!
Explore the Mystical Forest!
Cope with the fact that you push everyone away because you're terrified of the mortifying ordeal of being known!
Pull pranks on foxes!


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HEY!!! please RT for visibility! my friend is currently homeless in seattle and in need of help!!! please contact me if you can help find housing!

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If you ever wonder why I’m like this, I spent a lot of time with gay religion majors in undergrad

Sermon Rating: I can’t grade this, you didn’t even try, c’monnnn

kind of peeved that there’s still so much theological ground to tread and the Easter sermon got shorted for more Easter egg hunt time, but possibly I should have checked to make sure I didn’t go to the service with all the kids

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