> submits post to poetry journal
> poetry journal goes on hiatus for a month plus


@lassarina possibly it's because the poetry community was dealing with a highly prolific plaigarist???? but like

omg just tell me if i'm good or not :'''')


Did you see the astonishing book title dust up

@lassarina ...i am not sure if i heard about the book title thing, go on

@carly so a debut author well received this year threw a public fit and sent their social media followers after another author, with 200+ NYT best sellers to their name, on the grounds of the latter author having plagiarized a book title from the debut author

@lassarina oh YIKES, what were the titles in question?

the poetry thing is so wild, apparently this has been going on for ages

@carly I’ll DM since the accused author is being v publicly gracious and I respect that

@lassarina with a whole lot more arrogance and self-assuredness than I have, in any case

@isa for sure. Especially a major household name

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