Ah yes, now I remember why I was avoiding wearing my winter boots; something in the heels has kind of fucked up and causes my step to roll inward


Possibly I should ever get a pair of winter boots that like, is actually quality instead of only buying ones on super sale

@carly I really love the ones I have from LL Bean and they were only like $130?

@carly which for something I’ve worn literally 6 days a week for approaching 8 solid months is Great

@lassarina ooh, nice—I went with a pair from Ugg bc they were cute, but LLBean is good for that

@carly Uggs are cute and warm which is great but I did find they lose waterproofing after about a year.

@lassarina ah, good to know—they’re not the standard kind so I think they’ll be hardier, but I’ll know to check the waterproofing next winter

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