hey let's do this

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oh yeah i made one of these when i was on the bus yesterday
please steal it and meme it
i will check likes and answer them when i get back

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1. i'm in the middle of trying to quietly slide into changing names due to Diaspora Reasons but fact: when i was like, ten, i was really into the name "sheila" and thought it was way cooler than "carly." I don't know why i decided this, exactly.

2. downhill skiing which i guess it's gonna happen because i'm going skiing with the in-laws later this year

3. balsamic vinegar, although admittedly i'm still not the kind of person who will just drink that stuff straight, that's horrifying
also tomatoes, but i will not just bite into one of those things, slicing is required

4. that specific "millennial pink" shade tbh

5. GOOD QUESTION what is natural or reasonable about my sleep, at all,

probably it’s actually earlier than I’d tend to think because I wake up at like 6:45 a lot and then go back to sleep

6. It’s either nothing or like, I want to eat massive amounts of rice. Or matzoh ball soup. One time when I was sick I had like two people separately bring me matzoh ball soup

7. this is one of those things that i'm not sure i have the answer to because of the specific way i cope with self-esteem stuff

actually wait. the answer is lucy liu as joan watson and the wardrobe that she has. done.

8. this one's weirdly fraught but i think i've got some nice eyes

9. what counts as a natural material... wood? i guess???? good 4 decorating

10. moths are nice and also caterpillars. the fuzzier the better


11. spicy skittles, spicy vitamin water, spicy things that you wouldn't generally be like "oh yeah that should be spicy"

12. programming, singing, writing, figure skating, the ability to show up 5 minutes after you've mentioned a data-related mild problem with chart-producing automation

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