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my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like


(RTs appreciated!)

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Calling all RPG podcasters/bloggers - I’m kickstarting Voidheart Symphony sometime this Autumn, and would love to talk about it! If you’re interested in talking about an RPG where psychonaut revolutionaries delve into the minds of their city’s monsters, hit me up! (RTs welcome)

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In _Come Away_, you're faeries trying to convince a mortal to stay in your faerie mound.
Runs as a no-prep one-shot, uses a hybrid of OSR & PbtA-style mechs. It's PWYW while in beta.

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Hey folks, did you know that I do freelance graphic design and layout work? I'm thrilled to take your game and make it look like your dream, at an affordable and negotiable rate! Message me for more information or for more samples of my work.

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During spanish colonization, our first revolutionaries(ph) were Artists. Plaridel wrote prayers that could slip into the masses and wake them from Friar Kool-Aid.

So I'm rewriting novenas to repossess our own rituals and oral traditions. long form here mariabumby.itch.io/a-novena-fo

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Well, basically I'm looking for a small thing to tinker with when I need a quick break from BCult/HWI. What if...

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Every 20% of kickstarter funding, another girl gets her sword!

WE HAVE 5 DAYS LEFT on kickstarter! Support ALHAMDU, a musically-driven short film enabling Muslim creators. We're about 15 backers away from our next sword!!

🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️ down, and 🗡️ to go!

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Okay I’m deeply honored by people recing me in lists of devs to look up but i actually want to get recs from YOU guys- wc games n devs do u think i might not know yet but would be interested in?

Currently looking at simple micro-games, art AF games and very loosy goosy systems

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Are you making things in
the space?

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you: what cool marketing plan are you gonna come up with to rep the kickstarter today
me: making all the main characters' mechs in spore
you: what?
me: kickstarter.com/projects/hthrf

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Sale is on! I'll be replying to messages/emails tomorrow. I've go so much stuff going on and now I have to deal with my broken phone😥

If you're interested dm me or email me at kenbusiness7@gmail.com

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@temporalhiccup@twitter.com’s BECOME ONE EXPANDED Ver- PBTA goodness from where you play different emotions trapped in a mech w a dead pilot. See here ⚙️ itch.io/jam/sad-mecha-game-jam for digital

N come to for physical copies!

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spent an amount of time today making myself a nice phone wallpaper ✨

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