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Paypal refused to change my name earlier today because my deed poll wasn't a court issued document.

If anyone else has this issue, this is the message I sent that got them to change it.

Spreading this around might be helpful for other trans people in the UK.

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Been seeing lilies everywhere for Easter so I feel like it bears repeating: Lilies & flowers from the genus lilium are toxic to cats & dogs!

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we’re thrilled to feature this piece by the brilliant @chelseadpc@twitter.com on Agnès Varda’s feline gaze. throughout her work cats assume their role as a balm to humanity’s hubris. the Feline commands the Image—existing without the need of human companionship: *they* are the subject 🐱💜

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SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, BRIEFING PRESS: omg i was at starbucks and there was this girl and she had her hair in a bun and had a crop top with flowers on it and i hissed “hipster blog” and she turned around and snarled “fandom blog” and then we shook h

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As a Filipino in the United States, I’ve dearly missed speaking my language so for the next 30 days, I’ll be drawing some fun Tagalog phrases and words for your everyday use! 💕🔥 Some are cuss words! Some are fighting words! Let’s learn together!

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Make sure you have the chat open because Dwarf Fortress Chat is the only good chat on Twitch.

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Haha what am I even doing, trying to do micro-RPGs??? Anyway here is a thing I hope to do for and I may or may not have put together a document to just write out pitches for other smol things on top of & RIP me

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Saturday Night Galaxy in motion. 🌠

These starry unicorns in holo boots look even better in motion because you can see all the tiny glitter stars. 🦄☄ That D% is making me drool. It's like I imagine the galaxy we live in.
Inking will be in silver (maybe even holo?).

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i went to set up a budget photoshoot studio to take pictures of my school project but my cat kept going on the table....so I had to do a photoshoot for him

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