also the meitu anime avatar generator is so dang cute


KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS Book 3, Seeker of Thrones, releases March 6th, 2019 through !

You can get this book through your local comic shop or most major retailers. It's the longest book yet and has a dungeon delve, dragons, and a 4 page spread. Check it out!


RT please read ROADQUEEN: ETERNAL ROADTRIP TO LOVE as soon as possible


@degen and i are watching boku no hero academia and i found this image of the school principal that's such a powerful mood

RT Hello!
I'm a recent grad looking for work (freelance or otherwise) in illustrations and comics.

See more of my work at

Contact me

Retweets would be lovely! ❤️❤️❤️


stealing memes from facebook until people migrate to mastodon lol

nice of the new doctor who to inspire a line of clothing targeted directly to my fashion interests

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