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My job involves a lot of important and vigorous interaction, it’s great but it requires about 20 hours of recovery afterwards...

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Hi everyone!!!! I'm struggling to get some recent medical expenses managed so i'm offering a batch of simple + cute portraits for $25 each!! email me to to claim a spot! >> carofrumento.shop@gmail.com

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On 16 June, 75 years ago, the gestapo dragged twenty-six members of the French Resistance into a darkened field between villages. As they were organized into small groups for the firing squad, a 16 year old boy wept, asking if it would hurt. This man was beside him. 1/x

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"ClOud DoNT hAvE DReADlOcKs, it LOoKS HoRriBle"


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been drawing chibi hands like this a lot lately and I’m in it to win art

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