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Without field research, it's difficult to get an accurate picture of user workflows.

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It's complete.
A solo RPG about chronicling your hero's mecha anime season, and how they begin to understand that for some impossible reason, they can't die. Hop in the cockpit of your ARMOR and explore immortality.

Live until you die.


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BreakoutCon 2019 guests:
Andrew Medeiros, co-designed Urban Shadows, The Watch RPGs + more
James Mendez Hodes @LulaVampiro@twitter.com, ENnie winning RPG writer, cultural consultant & martial artist
@ShannonCreates@twitter.com, board game & puzzle designer obsessed w escape rooms

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Two questions...
1) Would anyone be open to commissions to help fund my cool fursuit
2) What's a good material to use for bones that's flexible and strong!!

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@BabblegumSam@twitter.com @SwordsnFlowers@twitter.com Lmao i did it: Monsters & Christmas is a [Laser and Feelings/Honest Heist Reskin] [Christmas Romance] about [Monsters & Mental Health Metaphors] which uses [Drawing Pictures] as its primary mechanic.

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