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My job involves a lot of important and vigorous interaction, it’s great but it requires about 20 hours of recovery afterwards...

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Hi everyone!!!! I'm struggling to get some recent medical expenses managed so i'm offering a batch of simple + cute portraits for $25 each!! email me to to claim a spot! >> carofrumento.shop@gmail.com

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Reminder that writers and artists only create for two reasons: horniness and revenge. The sooner you discover which one motivates you, the quicker you'll grow into your most powerful form.

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Some of the disconnect is that there are (>) four different things mechanics are for: (a) simulating something that you can't do for real (b) giving structure to a challenge/conflict to make it fun/feel challenging (c) adjusting player skill needs (d) setting focus/expectations twitter.com/temporalhiccup/sta

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dogs in the vineyard could also be the name of a game about being vine stars. i'm confident you wouldn't have to change any of the rules to make this work

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I feel like I’ve seen this pattern of basically recreating the gender binary but calling it “masc ppl” & “femmes” but that...doesn’t work

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if you could rt this and participate please. i'm trying to prove a point. poll ends friday.

who has done more for the gays:

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Me to any gay couple: so which one of you is the one that carries a tote bag and which one of you is the one that always asks to put stuff in the other’s tote bag

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I wrote a game about my experience fighting with birds while working as an Aquatic Maintenance Specialist at a beautiful botanic garden for NOTE: Please don't fight actual birds. You will lose. adira.itch.io/bird-fight-simul

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“men and women” ➡️ “people”

“ladies and gentlemen” ➡️ “esteemed guests”

“boys and girls” / “sons and daughters” ➡️ “children”

“brothers and sisters” ➡️ “siblings”

“his or hers” ➡️ “their”

“he or she” ➡️ “they”

inclusive language isn’t hard

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