I should get on the Patreon bandwagon while the getting’s good but like I do anything cool on a regular basis

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Call for Sensitivity Readers! My features mythology from Cherokee, Basotho, Hmong, and Brazilian mythology! If you are available and interested in doing a sensitivity reading, please let me know!

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starting a new lesbian gang with the tagline "IF YOU DON'T CHERISH YOUR WIFE WE WILL"

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Paypal refused to change my name earlier today because my deed poll wasn't a court issued document.

If anyone else has this issue, this is the message I sent that got them to change it.

Spreading this around might be helpful for other trans people in the UK.

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Been seeing lilies everywhere for Easter so I feel like it bears repeating: Lilies & flowers from the genus lilium are toxic to cats & dogs!

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we’re thrilled to feature this piece by the brilliant @chelseadpc@twitter.com on Agnès Varda’s feline gaze. throughout her work cats assume their role as a balm to humanity’s hubris. the Feline commands the Image—existing without the need of human companionship: *they* are the subject 🐱💜

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there's more than two weeks left to do this but keep in mind:

-you HAVE to fill out every detail that patreon requires before you can send it for review

-the review process takes time! i've never heard of it taking more than 2 days but better be safe!

-make sure to launch it!

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starts today! A full 15 days of spooky games, magical rumors and godly drama 🔥 I'll be co-hosting with @aryl_ether@twitter.com & making my own ghosts & cryptids as well! 🤘🌺 twitter.com/SwordsnFlowers/sta

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hey friends.
"g*psy" is a slur. it's not some cutesy nickname to slap on yourself bc you took a tri-state roadtrip. it's still used to dehumanize roma ppl today.
this also applies to "g*p/g*pped." it implies roma ppl are swindlers.
pls take this outta your vocab.

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i don't know why or how i sold a copy of my book today but i've been thinking really hard about how people should buy my book so maybe i'm psychic. anyway,

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SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, BRIEFING PRESS: omg i was at starbucks and there was this girl and she had her hair in a bun and had a crop top with flowers on it and i hissed “hipster blog” and she turned around and snarled “fandom blog” and then we shook h

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