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lmao so I got to the first cutscene where it becomes obvious that FFXIV is yet another MMO with fantasy spaceships, I’m so glad

ok so i think i'm finally getting into the groove for FFXIV; apparently it takes me like three times starting the game to attune properly

weirdly i think i actually prefer playing melee in this game? that's not an opinion i usually have

It’s Thanksgiving—let’s talk colonialism. This piece discusses the stretch goal campaign set during Japan’s 1592 invasion of Korea: respect, racism, politics, class, and my relationship to the subject as the descendant of colonized Asians.

Read my interview about with @briecs! I talk about my research process and the game's scope, and show off some art. We're down to the campaign's last ten days, and we need your help to fund. Ride with us.

Create something for no practical purpose such as a song, a poem, an essay, a painting, a drawing, a comic strip, a collage, etc.

RT There's a lot of trans ppl in this thread looking for help, if you can boost it, I be tit would be much appreciated:


What if we all collectively made up a fictional wizard universe to talk about as if it’s the new hot thing, bc I have a nostalgia for Harry Potter not being an obvious shitshow

this album review is just like, overflowing with aesthetic "The, last time i heard you live, was, in a tin shed, on mcleans island at the steam museum, there were people with ear muffs oiling the machines, it was a christmas party, and we got the bus home to the square, and gasoline cowboy sang as well, in the tin shed..."

i don't make the poetry rules but if i did i'd ban cishet dudes' weird sex poetry

every time someone leaves complimentary tags on one of my poems i feel like i gain another year to my life

got my haymarket books physical copies of Rebecca Solnit’s books aw yiss 🎉🎉🎉

haven't heard of this group before but i'm rly into this song + video (also, the rapper's hair???)

As soldiers on, I wanna highlight another RPG with Asian creators. Lots of games claim to change how RPGs are played, but Nomnivore Games's Emberwind goes hard on a game experience which solves common tabletop problems.

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a small friendly instance for gay screaming content. you don't have to be gay to scream here but it helps.