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Alone in the Ancient City, my journaling city exploration game, has new versions! These two new versions are only available at the $5 price, but paying $2 will still get you the plain text version. Please reach out if that price is a hardship for you!


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Hi! I'm geo; I'm a nonbinary game designer who makes all sorts of weird queer tabletop games about bodies and our relationships with each other and with space


a very illuminating fact about me is that i had the revelation i was a big lesbian during easter sunday church service

I made a playlist of a combo of xtian pop about not wanting to date boys that I listened to in high school and songs about lesbian pining as sort of personal shitpost and it’s accidentally a jam

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Being 30 is not per se different from being 29 except every now and then my brain is like “wait. no one can dispute us being an adult anymore”

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Bogs, mires, moors, swamps and cliff edges are all canonically queer spaces, convince me otherwise


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Witch+Craft is a new crafting system for 5e games, complete with character customization options, a new setting, and an adventure! Inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service, it emphasizes self-care and a love of craftsmanship:


Shit the floral docs in my size at the thrift store next to the train station are still there

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It's here! I've rounded up a whopping 60 DD+ bras that retail for less than $50 apiece. We've got plus sizes! Small band sizes! Bralettes! Nursing bras! Strapless bras! Bodysuits! Strappy bras! Find a cute bra that doesn't break your budget here:


mmmm i'm tired but also going to a bar and gaming lounge at 11:30pm on a saturday was still awesome

got my copy of suki to iwasetai yesterday finally but for some reason iTunes won’t import it 🙃

...I guess at least for my trouble I got a poster and a photo of one of the members I like lol

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everyone: why do you always have to make everything GAY

me: *points to this quote from The Celluloid Closet (1995)*


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