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Once I find the protagonist I'm going to give him what for

A choose-your-own-adventure book with all the choices and page numbers neatly redacted out.

Untitled Planet of the Apes Game Show more

Untitled Planet of the Apes Game Show more

Made a little widget where you can write but you can't delete.

Never look back. Make more spelling errors.

As fridays go, I would say this one is pretty ok. It's alright.

Instead of shutting google plus down, google should've kept it up but disabled the posting and commenting functionalities. A social network frozen in time.

Quick reminder that I will never forgive Google for shutting down Google Reader. Never.

And now, the sun sets and the hated April Fool returns to interstellar space for another year. At last we can rest easy. But not too easy - the Fool returns like clockwork and we will never be free of him. He is older than the universe and cannot die.

If patreon needs extra money, they should just start a patreon

Temperature: momentarily rises above 55 degrees
Me: ice cream time restricts you to three words: cool, nice, and siiick. If you want to make a platform but don't want to moderate it, this is how you do it

Immediately someone typed "nice" exactly 69 times


Made a little spirograph-esque sketch for the Open Processing Tiny Sketch Challenge. It turned out good and clocks in at only 191 characters.

10.04% |-->-----------------|

Hey friends, my amazing friend, , a badass queer enby developer and award-winning illustrator needs some help right now. Depression and PTSD fucking suck, especially in the American medical system. Please, donate and share their Gofundme.

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