today i conquered my fear of shitty men on the internet and just wrote stuff anyways, ty to @carly

well now that i've assembled the pirates of the caribbean 5 fanzine (link coming soon) i both want to just lie down forever and also do more fan collections like this

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When things are hectic, it's okay to say no or tell someone to ask you again later.

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Hot takes for the night:

- Facebook makes people think their friends are internet strangers to treat without empathy and the benefit of the doubt.
- Facebook makes people think that strangers are people you can just debate and argue with freely and safely.
- Facebook has made the word "friend" meaningless. ✨

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Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness. ~ Deborah Day

HELLO someday i will consistently use mastodon.

i'm considering adding a daily task to my todoist to toot _something_

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Pause. What's the weather like? Don't use an app to find out.

I am currently feeling VERY DONE with twitter, omg.

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Off to watch the bears game at Dee's Nana's house. Bringing along a little notebook and pens so I can entertain myself without a phone out.

I very much want to get a tattoo, and I have really strong feelings about several art styles, but I very much want to honor the beautiful birthmarks that I have (fun fact) over a lot of my body.

I think I'd really need to work with an artist on something custom. :/

I did a lino cut block print today for the first time and it turned out good!

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Yo psst, I'm starting my newsletter again, sign up now if you haven't:

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The receptionist just told me that I'm "such a good friend" to come with Adira for her medical appointment. She kinda stammered after I dryly laughed and said "Well, I'm her wife, so yeah."

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