hello i am slightly bad at remembering to check all the things, i'm a bit more active on sublimemarch@cybre.space if you're wondering!

@carly oh and also, they have a set of emoji that are in unicode that they specifically do not include, like police emoji. 🏴

yo @carly , what would you think of us swapping to this emoji set for scream.supply?


- more nerd emoji (like polyhedral dice)
- people-ish emoji can be modified in more ways
- more LGTBQ emoji
- easier to read at small sizes
- cats are black instead of yellow

alright, today's the day for gen con housing. here's hoping that with one time or another, we get at least a mildly acceptable room.

I'm really hoping that I can do a good job in this upcoming week of giving myself space to rest and finding the rest just as exciting as the work.

I really need to hire some kid to shovel our sidewalks or like, buy a snowblower. πŸ™ƒ

gender and trans stuff 

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Review your todo lists. Is there something you no longer need to do?

so far i'm finding mastodon to feel more casual and more like a space i can share my thoughts without fear of Shitty Internet People. which means i end up tweeting more, because my junk is xposted, which means my twitter engagement is up more. so a win on all fronts, i think?

heck yeah heck yeah, i just lightly updated my personal branding for mastodon and twitter, including fresh profile pics and intro posts πŸŽ‰

my main/profesh mastodon is sublimemarch@mastodon.social

spoilers for Vox Lux 

today i conquered my fear of shitty men on the internet and just wrote stuff anyways, ty to @carly

well now that i've assembled the pirates of the caribbean 5 fanzine (link coming soon) i both want to just lie down forever and also do more fan collections like this

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When things are hectic, it's okay to say no or tell someone to ask you again later.

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Hot takes for the night:

- Facebook makes people think their friends are internet strangers to treat without empathy and the benefit of the doubt.
- Facebook makes people think that strangers are people you can just debate and argue with freely and safely.
- Facebook has made the word "friend" meaningless. ✨

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Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness. ~ Deborah Day

HELLO someday i will consistently use mastodon.

i'm considering adding a daily task to my todoist to toot _something_


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Pause. What's the weather like? Don't use an app to find out.

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