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I got a Patreon page to support my gaming articles now! If you got something out of my pieces about race, religion, history, orcs, and nerd stuff, now's your chance to say thanks and make sure they keep coming.

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This is an article on how to play a role-playing game as a character from another ethnicity or culture. Don't make me regret it.

lemme tell you, googling paleontology terms when you haven't in a couple years is a trip because *apparently the tully monster is a lamprey now?!*

Did you know? Just as the Apocalypse World 2e Landfall Marine descended from the limited-ed 1e Space Marine Mammal playbook, 2e's Waterbearer also came from a LE 1e playbook: the Water Bear…

…er, a giant tardigrade who hydrated ppl and sometimes dried out for a session.

I fight pig boys
30 to 50 boys
who eat little boys
playin with kiddie toys

don’t ask city boys
they don’t know why
pigs assail kids
in below 5

I've updated "The Giant Robot of Offense" and "Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth, Part I: A Species Built for Racial Terror" with audio/video versions in case you wanna listen rather than read.

cool jumping spider video 

I updated Part 2 of the orcticle with an audio/video version! If you prefer to listen to, rather than read, your content, check it out.

Cultural consulting on Chris Longhurst's Bleak Spirit was fun as hell. The attention to respectful detail even in such a concise game impressed me, as did the concord between system and setting. If you like somber, atmospheric fantasy, check it.

they out here arguing about the Little Mermaid's race and I'm sitting here thinking, is no one gonna talk about how uncannily similar this woman's smile is to ariel's from 1989?

When Dungeons & Dragons led Tolkien's racist orcs to the US, they attacked new targets. Let's talk model minorities, dehumanization, uncomfortable half-orcs, poor excuses … and how gamers and designers can reclaim and rehabilitate orcs.

I just watched white cops arrest a Black woman in the street outside my apartment. Then I stopped a fight between her angry boyfriend and some belligerent white people who tried to, among other things, steal his car. Y'all I had JUST started calming down after yesterday's racism.

I'm a stretch goal for Hearts of Wulin! My cyberpunk setting pits the rivers & lakes against globalization & commercialization. How can yóuxiá keep passion & traditions alive when cultural appropriators teach stolen secrets over social media? Will bionic augmentations expand accessibility to a world of strenuous physical demands, or concentrate violent power in technocrats' grasp? What new allies & rivals hail from Africa, the Americas, and Oceania?

I've stepped down from working on One Child's Heart. If you wanna talk about why, please message me privately, but let's not discuss it here.

Hi, I'm a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist on a TV show or in a movie. Every sentence I speak is painstakingly crafted to trigger as many human beings as possible, but especially my patient.

"Less of a question, more of a comment." NO. DO NOT. Imma teach you how not to be that guy at panels—& answer the questions (about honor, gender, cyberpunk, & Steven Universe) we ain't had time for at PAX East's "Designing Asian Settings and Themes" panel!

update: if the collective noun for alpacas is not a pac then i quit

‪The bus I’m on just drove past an expo hall where an alpaca convention was going down and I want to dive out the window and run in there‬

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