I guess I should check the Vessel out at least once before the Ghostbusters have to blow it up

Going into any building in Hudson Yards has gotta feel like you got a meeting with Lex Luthor

You look up at the sky like "gee, it sure is thoughtful of the Hegemonic Authority to put cloud images on the roof of the containment dome"

If I saw someone who looked sick or uncomfortable there I would assume they were a rogue Martian marine having trouble with Earth's gravity

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite inexplicable structure in Hudson Yards

You don't have to worry about getting mugged at Hudson Yards because the department of pre-crime handles all that

you're just walkin round Hudson Yards minding your own business when suddenly WARNING, INCOMING GAME

the only reason Hudson Yards doesn't cover more acreage is that they couldn't agree where to construct the additional pylons

if the revolution begins in Hudson Yards, attractive white kids played by actors in their twenties will lead it

So are there actual cops in Hudson Yards or do Hyperion loaders drop out of the sky if you have a cookout?

Where are the audio diaries hidden in Hudson Yards?

want to feel old? this is what the briefcase from the music video to Darude's "Sandstorm" looks like now:

I think the blueprint for Hudson Yards must have been a copy of an extremely literal translation of Lǎozǐ 20

One proposal competing against the one that gave us Hudson Yards was a stadium for a sport involving rocket skates, athletic pads covered in spikes, and balls which explode

the Vessel is one Jackson Pollock paint job away from being the Splatoon stage from Super Smash Bros Ultimate

the Vessel looks like a rejected design for the monument to the victims of colony collapse disorder

I know it looks futuristic, but to connect to the Internet at Hudson Yards, you still need a datajack and cyberdeck

Hudson Yards's spirit animal is the 3000-year-old dead turtle from Zhuāngzǐ 17


Hudson Yards doesn't understand why you think it's offensive that it has a spirit animal

one third of the population of Hudson Yards is made up of clones of Anaander Mianaai

I heard Hudson Yards has some retail stores as well, so does anyone know if I can get an Alpha Platinum 9000 android any time of the year, or do I have to wait for the annual auction?

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