I'm a stretch goal for Hearts of Wulin! My cyberpunk setting pits the rivers & lakes against globalization & commercialization. How can yóuxiá keep passion & traditions alive when cultural appropriators teach stolen secrets over social media? Will bionic augmentations expand accessibility to a world of strenuous physical demands, or concentrate violent power in technocrats' grasp? What new allies & rivals hail from Africa, the Americas, and Oceania? kickstarter.com/projects/gaunt

I've stepped down from working on One Child's Heart. If you wanna talk about why, please message me privately, but let's not discuss it here.

Hi, I'm a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist on a TV show or in a movie. Every sentence I speak is painstakingly crafted to trigger as many human beings as possible, but especially my patient.

"Less of a question, more of a comment." NO. DO NOT. Imma teach you how not to be that guy at panels—& answer the questions (about honor, gender, cyberpunk, & Steven Universe) we ain't had time for at PAX East's "Designing Asian Settings and Themes" panel! jamesmendezhodes.com/blog/2019

update: if the collective noun for alpacas is not a pac then i quit

‪The bus I’m on just drove past an expo hall where an alpaca convention was going down and I want to dive out the window and run in there‬

I wrote a ttRPG about an imaginary fighting video game about international conspiracies, and now you can get it for free! Iron Street Combat’s custom hand-to-hand combat subsystem painstakingly replicates the experience of haphazard button-mashing in a game you don’t really understand how to play. drivethrurpg.com/product/27323

@Whidou You got DONDI RICE OR REESE OR WHATEVER and FORM 8594! You do things by the book and make sure to tell the government when you buy a company. If only the government could get your name right one of these days. So ungrateful.

attn: everyone is a combination of one Marvel Comics character and one United States tax form, reply to find out which you are

I want y'all to know I came here to make a Hudson Yards joke about Wilson Fisk brokering this deal or something but I stalled out staring in horror at that gerrymandered map linking HY to some unrelated housing projects an entire manhattan away

wypipo: gonna cook some healthy Chinese food
azns: cool
wypipo: gonna sell it while lowkey insulting Chinese-owned Chinese restaurants
azns: hold on now
azns: … you weren't before, but as of today we're considering it

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graphic racism and violence Show more

I heard Hudson Yards has some retail stores as well, so does anyone know if I can get an Alpha Platinum 9000 android any time of the year, or do I have to wait for the annual auction?

one third of the population of Hudson Yards is made up of clones of Anaander Mianaai

Hudson Yards doesn't understand why you think it's offensive that it has a spirit animal

Hudson Yards's spirit animal is the 3000-year-old dead turtle from Zhuāngzǐ 17

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