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My Reddit AMA just went live! Please come ask me things about , RPGs, cultural consulting, martial arts, hip hop, my favorite spiders, and literally all other subjects which fall under the umbrella of "anything."

AMAing intensifies. This coming Wednesday 28 November, from 1200hrs to 2000hrs EST, I'm holding a Reddit AMA about and my work as a game designer and cultural consultant. Please stop by!

probably the most on-brand thing that could possibly have happened to me tonight was that my game funded and I didn't notice because I was complaining about swords

Fae Tyler's photos make me yearn to crawl dungeons again. I've had so many negative D&D experiences, but what if we remembered to imagine every empty room as potentially one of these?

It’s Thanksgiving—let’s talk colonialism. This piece discusses the stretch goal campaign set during Japan’s 1592 invasion of Korea: respect, racism, politics, class, and my relationship to the subject as the descendant of colonized Asians.

Read my interview about with @briecs! I talk about my research process and the game's scope, and show off some art. We're down to the campaign's last ten days, and we need your help to fund. Ride with us.

As soldiers on, I wanna highlight another RPG with Asian creators. Lots of games claim to change how RPGs are played, but Nomnivore Games's Emberwind goes hard on a game experience which solves common tabletop problems.

I wrote some advice for historical games like : safety, controversial content, lowering barriers to entry, & balancing player needs against accuracy. The article focuses on gaming, but other fiction creators should find something useful too!

I've gotten great questions from the Internet about sensitivity, culture, and Thousand Arrows. I'm so gratified that gamers are thinking to ask them! I've put up a couple of relevant articles on my blog. Here's "Thousand Arrows and Sensitivity, Part I."

You might also be interested in a framework for understanding harm in media, the Giant Robot of Offense:

If you're at Metatopia this weekend, come ask me more about these topics!

Thousand Arrows is a tabletop role-playing game of Japanese Warring States-era samurai drama. All my years of work and study in game design, Asian history and classics, and martial arts led to this. Please back, share, and bring it to life! Gunpowder and betrayal!

*plays cavalaria on berimbau* Jair Bolsonaro, Far-Right Populist, Elected President of Brazil

I think I am ready for Mario and Luigi to jump on Mitch McConnell.

It's a pretty miserable day, but at least my favorite singer will be in the remake of my favorite Disney movie.


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