The fundamental question of Part 2 of the racist orcticle will be: If you bite on tropes racists invented for the purpose of racism, and you didn't know they were racist and/or didn't intend them in a racist way, are they suddenly not racist now?

You know money-laundering? We'll look at hate-laundering: a process where harmful expressions, repeated over and over, estrange themselves from their original associations, until they're ambiguous enough that polite society repeats them, perpetuating hate without realizing it.


Thus sanitized, they *seem* harmless—so they thrive unquestioned in polite society, like diseases without obvious symptoms, stoking unconscious bias. Point 'em out and *you're* the real racist. It's how we get Eduardo Bonilla-Silva's "racism without racists."

@lula this sounds real heckin’ interesting to read! 👌👌 good hook

@lula oh hell yes, the phrase "hate laundering" is some good shit, i love this already

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